W? Why am I poor?

[WARNING – Strong language, possible incoherence, definitive stupidity]


Dear W,


You are probably thinking that this is an odd question to start a blog, right? Well, you’re probably right! But I’m poor so by definition: I don’t have much to lose!

Why am I poor? This is a question that comes to me quite often, more even than I realize! As a YouTube junkie, I can take a peek inside the most luxurious and fabulous closets and see what a million-dollar vacation looks like but, when the video ends, I’m back on my sofa with my pug (Karl) snoring next to me. That’s when the question hits me:  Why am I poor?


Or should I say, why aren’t I rich? Some of you will say that I’m fortunate enough to have a laptop where I write these words from, a comfortable sofa to sit on while doing it and the love of Karl, the pug, to keep me company every day whereas some people live on the street and others die on the other side of the planet from hunger or in a war. I’m not going to argue with that, you’re right, I am fortunate BUT… so are you! You have 15 minutes to lose reading an entertaining article just because you can. You’re free to think whatever you want of this article and even free to tell me your opinion on it (but not now, you have stuff to read first) while some people could die for doing the same thing in another country. So yeah, my life is pure first world problems and if you’re here, you want to hear about it! (Otherwise, gtfo! Lol! JK… but not really tho…)

However, I have to explain that when I say I’m poor, I mean I have to save for months to get what I want and when I finally get it, it doesn’t feel as good as I thought it would. It basically means I can’t just buy a crazy expensive item and simply enjoy it.

For example, I’ve been wanting a pair of Gucci Ace sneakers for a long time (you know the ones with the bee on it? Super cute right?) but who has more than 500€ ($, £, whatever) to spend on sneakers right? And what’s even worse than the crazy price tag is they’re WHITE!!! Which means if you even look at them for too long they get dirty. If you think of dirt too much they become less white, it’s a fact! I’ve experienced it myself.

However, all this only happens if, like me, you’re poor. When you’re rich, those sneakers don’t get dirty, they stay perfectly white forever… Want to know how? Rich people don’t look at their shoes while walking like the crazy person writing to you right now does! They don’t care if they bump into a dirty car tire with their way too expensive Gucci shoes and they don’t mind if someone steps on their immaculate white bee sneakers on the bus because they have a G-wagon, duh! So, the answer is simple my friend, rich people’s Gucci sneakers are always white because they don’t care if they’re not. They can replace them when they don’t like them anymore or when they’re too used up to wear; like I’ll do with my 30€, one size too big, kind of ugly Nikes I got on a 40% discount during winter sales.


In conclusion, for my sneakers to stay white, I need to stop staring at them while I walk and not have a heart attack thinking of the dog sh*it (yeah I know I wrote the whole word but I don’t give a fu*ck). I nearly walked in while crossing the street. I just need to consider them as “just” sneakers, which takes the fun out of having fu*cking Gucci sneakers in the first place! Why would I buy them if I need to forget they’re expensive?


So, if you think about that Chanel Boy bag you want and that dream Birkin and you’re poor AF, think about where the fu*ck you would go with that… Can you see yourself with a 5000€ bag in a Pizza Hut? I nearly fainted at the thought of grease falling on the bag! I think this is the reason why luxury goods aren’t meant for “poor” people like me, I just can’t enjoy them properly… I simply don’t know how because money is important to me!

This brings me to the most important thing in all this: everything in life is about PERSPECTIVE. The fact that I have a pair of Gucci sneakers and I’m calling myself poor is going to make some people really mad, and I understand! I could try to justify myself and explain that it was a very generous birthday gift from my boyfriend (hey you <3), but for a mom that has to work crazy hours 7 days a week just to feed her kids, I’m just a whiny little b*itch. She would probably be mad at me for saying I’m poor because she would compare her situation to mine. And yes, if I was comparing myself to her, the title of this article would have been: why don’t good, hardworking people get a good life but my b*itchy ass does? But that’s a question for another day…


I love you even if you hate me!

Bisous xx



Ps: English is my third language and grammatical errors might, will, did happen. I’m not sorry, just deal with them and correct them in your beautiful head of yours. K. Bye.


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